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Salt Lake Magazine – Tastemakers

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The Food and Wine Festival at Epcot at Disney World is a long-time favorite vacation for me. I couldn’t be more excited, therefore, to discover that Salt Lake City now has its own version of all the good parts of those Epcot trips. By which I mean, I get to wander around, tasting small plates of amazing food, pretending that the walk between each plate is helping to burn off the calories, and eventually becoming very, very full.

Tastemakers is Salt Lake Magazine’s showcase of local culinary talent. Held at the Gallivan Center, it consists of a collection of 14 local restaurants and food providers collected in tents, each offering bites for your sampling pleasure. Also included in the $30 passport price is the opportunity to stroll to an additional 10 restaurants near Gallivan for a bite served on their home turf. Live music and potables for purchase round out the offerings.

We had extremely limited time last night and so focused on the food that was available at Gallivan. Among them, the Churrasco Flank Steak with chimichurri and horseradish mashed potatoes from Texas de Brazil and the Black Garlic Tortellini with wild mushroom, black truffle, and roasted bone marrow cream from Silver in Park City were the two standouts.

Considering that plates at my Epcot festival cost $3 and that the price per offering here is just over $1, that $30 passport is kind of a steal. I’m headed downtown this evening to eat live ebi at Naked Fish, a tenderloin filet slider at Ruth’s Chris, a bite from my established favorite Oh Mai, and some Wild Boar Bolognese at New Yorker.

Bánh Mì in SLC – Oh Mai Vietnamese Sandwich Kitchen

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Oh Mai Vietnamese Sandwich Kitchen
3425 S State St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 467-6882

My bias from the outset: I love bánh mì, and love that I have a variety of places to choose from to get them in SLC. The only downside of the status quo is that they all reside on a ten block stretch of each other on Redwood Road, a substantial drive from my place. So when I saw the sign for Oh Mai go up on State Street a month ago, was I rooting for them to be great? You bet I was.

My dreams have come true. This place stands to save me many trips to the west side.

The bánh mì that I had, the S1 Cold Cuts, was as close to my gold standard, Spice Kit in San Francisco, as I’ve found in the area. On the protein side of the lineup, pork roll, jambon ham, pork head cheese, and a pork pate. The vegetation side: pickled daikon and carrot, jalapeno, cilantro, and cucumber. Surround that with a piece of bread that, while not the traditional so-crispy-that-it-shatters-on- the-first-bite baguette, was nonetheless of the french variety, thoroughly toasted, and nicely dressed with garlic butter and mayo. It hits all of the usual bánh mì notes of unctuous, sweet from the vegetables, and substantial from the meat. At only $3.88, it is ridiculously inexpensive. Something about the more substantial bread and the generous toppings also makes this a much more filling sandwich than any of its brethren further west.

Despite being stuffed, I also had some pho, which was highly tasty. I loved the broth in particular. But, for me, this place was about the sandwich. In talking with the staff, they said that they plan to start offering the more traditional chicken liver pate with the sandwich, as well as green papaya salad in the future.

The hours on the door are 9:30a to 8:30p, 7 days a week. I think that may, coincidentally, describe my return schedule for the place, too.

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March 9, 2012 at 12:37pm

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