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Bánh Mì in SLC – Oh Mai Vietnamese Sandwich Kitchen, Part Deux

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How soon is too soon to write an update? The next day?

I hope not. We enjoyed our food so much that we decided it was dinner tonight, too. At first I figured I’d go with the same S1, but found the the flavors were impressive enough that I wanted to see what other magic they might have in store.

We got a V1, a bun or vermicelli noodle salad with honey-glazed pork. The flavor of the meat was just subtly sweet, enough to compliment the natural sweetness of pork. It was perfectly cooked and has some nicely crispy, caramelized ends. The salad came with a really tasty chili-lime fish sauce vinaigrette to put over the cold noodles and veggies. Really great dish.

We also got two sandwiches. The first, the S3, is a yellow curry chicken cooked with coconut milk. This was a bit of a departure for me from the usual porky land of the traditional bánh mì, but the seductively spicy chicken was a great match with all of the usual pickled vegetation. I can see revisiting this neighborhood again for sure.

How to Make a Clown Cry:

Step 1: Order an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s
Step 2: Order the S10 Sunny Side Up Egg sandwich from Oh Mai
Step 3: Place them next to each other, noting that the Oh Mai sandwich is at least twice as large and contains two eggs and generous helpings of pickled carrot and daikon as well as caramelized onions
Step 4: Compare the prices of the two, noting that the Oh Mai Sandwich is currently two cents cheaper
Step 5: Taste

I ordered this sandwich mostly out of curiosity and because of the very low price. I am a believer now. I also noted that they offer to add a sunny side up egg to any sandwich for less than a buck. That will be happening soon.

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