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852 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 413-8626

There are all sorts of food experiences out there. It’s a rare one that intrigues me sufficiently that I scour each and every one of the internets to find recipes so that when I get home, I can start cooking. That’s where UMAMIcatessen left me.

Having not had the Umami burger, it seemed the natural place to start. I’m not sure what the haters are hating on here: it’s pretty brilliant. The layers of umami from the various components all added up to a very satisfying burger. The ketchup alone is the thing that I’m going to spend some time figuring out, as it was a deep, earthy compliment to the burger that I want to have for home use. I should probably be put off by the length of the ingredient list, but I’ve already sourced my marmite and anchovies.

I’d had pigs ear the night before at Animal, so getting an order of them here seemed like a nice opportunity to play that middle school essay game, compare and contrast. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Cosentino’s work, so the chance to have his P!GG version appealed. My verdict? Totally addictive. I had plans to take it easy on these so that my donut dessert wouldn’t leave me rolling out the door, but I finished them all, down to the last fried parsley leaf. The lemon cut the fat nicely, allowing me to add it back on with the brainnaise.

I had the meyer lemon curd, carrot cake, and tres leches donuts for dessert. The first was tasty, the second forgettable, and I think I solved the mystery of the third: taking fork-sized slices and soaking them in the milk left them just the right side of soggy and absolutely delicious. While the donuts offered here were certainly the most unique flavors of those I found in LA, I kind of wish I’d saved room and done a double order of P!GG-y goodness.

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Nickel Diner

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524 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-8301

Short version: mediocre service and mostly just-ok food. This would be a two-star review were it not for the existence of the Irish Car Bomb and Strawberry Crumble donuts.

On Saturday morning of my lost LA food weekend, I had Nickel Diner planned. It looked to be a short walk from the hotel, though the area of downtown LA in which I walked was, at that time of the morning, rather interesting. And fragrant.

I arrived early and was told by the server that was going in the door that I’d need to wait outside. A glance inside made it clear that it’s not brimming with extra loitering space, so I got the logic of the request. Still, I wouldn’t have minded a seat inside in the corner. I was soon joined by another eight people waiting to get inside.

I’m not generally one to be a service snob, but having a waitress walk over to my table in the corner to inform me that my waitress was running late to work and would be with me in a moment seemed odd at best.

I was mostly here for donuts and sweets, but figured I ought to at least nod to blood sugar maintenance by getting a bit of protein and opted for the 5th and Main. The menu mentioned an option to have it over grits instead of potatoes, but the server never asked and I’d forgotten by the time she finally arrived. We’ll split the blame on that one. The dish was fine: the pork was a bit pasty due to there being a lot of sauce. The potatoes were fine. The eggs were cooked perfectly. I left half of it uneaten: it was one of those dishes that it’s worth a quick visit to, but I’m not going to hang out.

I started into my litany of donuts, which I’d planned to take to go and share, and she looked concerned. I didn’t find out why until 15 minutes later.

“We don’t have any donuts ready.”

Hmm. Anomaly? I’d have to think so. I ended up waiting 45 minutes for them to get things squared away.

Some simple donuts are great straight after being glazed. The more complicated they are, the less this seems to be the case. Worth bearing in mind when I talk about the quality of those.

I also ordered a homemade Ding Dong and a Pop Tart. No tarts until noon, I was told after the waitress. The Ding Dong, I’d find out later, was delicious. Beautiful, luscious cream in the middle, moist cake, and a nice quality enrobing chocolate.

Eventually the other sweets came out, I was handed my check, and I prepared to pay when I noticed that the pop tart was still on the ticket. I asked about it and she seemed suitably flustered and embarrassed and took care of it.

Overall, the experience struck me as overly casual. I know that it’s meant to be a casual diner, but it really felt that everything, including attention to detail and product, was far too casual for my tastes. It’s probably just bad luck that I decided to come on a day when they didn’t have their signature attraction ready to go for breakfast, but still…

Thoughts on the donuts:

Maple Bacon – train wreck. I don’t know if it was low quality bacon or what, but the flavor was weak in all the wrong ways. The maple glaze totally overwhelmed every other flavor of the donut. This was the one I was looking forward to the most and enjoyed the least. The version that Dynamo in SF does is superior in every way and, if memory serves, costs the same.

Irish Car Bomb – loved this one. Beautifully light cream infused with Jameson and a Guinness crumble. I would have eaten two of these by myself.

Nutella – decent and certainly delivered on the promise of hazelnut and chocolate.

Red Velvet – I’m not the world’s biggest red velvet cake fan, so maybe I wasn’t the target audience here. It was a bit heavy on the cream cheese filling for me.

Strawberry crumble – ridiculously good. Strong strawberry flavor from the freeze-dried strawberries, which is a genius move for a donut. I wish I’d ordered more for later.

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Dick’s Market – Apple Fritter

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Dick’s Market
350 E Pages Ln
Centerville, UT 84014
(801) 292-1431

August 1, 2011

I love Dick’s Market. They have a clean store, friendly staff, and a great overall feel.

This review, however, is not really for the entire store. It’s for the bakery. And, specifically, the apple fritters.

I mourned when the Dick’s in Layton that is just up the street from me closed like I’d lost a loved one. It was a real loss to the area. For me, though, it ended a frequent and passionate affair I’d been having with their apple fritters.

The rest of the baked goods are highly decent, with the apple spice donut being a standout. But those fritters are the best I’ve had, bar none.

The outsides are fried dark brown, way past golden. The luscious glaze combines a bit with that thick, crisp crust, combining the best clean, sweet taste with a touch of the unctuous.

The inside of the fritter is moist with plenty of apple chunks. The contrast between that thick, crisp outside crust and the moist inside is heavenly.

I now have to drive to Centerville for my fritter fix. I do so on Fridays, when they observe one of the most holy of holidays, Fritter Friday. As if the fried gems weren’t already a steal at $.69, on Fridays they drop down to $.50 each. That means you may as well get two, right?

And, if you’re looking to gild the lily in seventeen pounds of gold, go early, just after the market opens and get one while it is still warm. I swear that, despite having arrived home safe on many such a sinful morning, I blacked out from the pleasure of it all.

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November 23, 2011 at 11:43am

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Daylight Donuts

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Daylight Donuts
51 E 11400 S
Sandy, UT 84070

November 11, 2011

Decent, three-star donuts. I had the porcupine recommended to me, and it was pretty ok. Old fashioned was a bit too dense and impenetrable for my tastes, while the strawberry and cream cheese pie pocket was unique and just barely making it over the horizon to tasty.

Can you feel my overly qualified meh-ness about this place? It’s likely because of the fritter that I had. Disappointing barely covers it. Flat, dense, and doughy. It was the opposite of fritter nirvana. On the weakness of that along, this three-star review becomes two.

And jumps back up to three for having protein options! Sausages and cheese, stuffed into fried dough, and an honest-to-goodness sausage and pepper jack cheese kolache as well. Finally, kolaches at the south end of the valley? Did I feel like I’d eaten a lead brick after finishing mine? Oh, you bet I did. Still, I love a donut place that’ll offer me some protein to stop me from buzzing off into the ionosphere on a sugar high, so well done.

If you’re looking for fritters or buttermilk-laden options and are closer to downtown, Fresh Donut and Deli and Banbury are still your best bets. Need a donut fix on the south end of the valley? Daylight is not only a highly decent choice, but just about your only one.

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November 23, 2011 at 11:27am

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