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268 S State St
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 779-4747

Tonight’s dinner was delicious. They are still in their soft opening, so things were a bit more leisurely than a usual meal, but certainly not unexpectedly so. The staff could not have been more accommodating and friendly, taking care of my wife, two daughters, and I very quickly when we showed up right at opening.

We started the complimentary chips and habanero salsa, which had a pronounced heat that sneaks up, and also with with queso fundido. It’s served on a black iron skillet and the baked corners of the dip were my favorite part.

We also ordered two sides. The fried plantains were caramel goodness on the outside and creamy and sweet on the inside. When they call these sweet plantains on the menu, they aren’t kidding. Had I not known better, I’d have mistaken them for ripe bananas.

The second side was the corn. We got it mostly because it sounded like something our girls would eat happily. They barely got a chance. The sweet roasted corn, creamy sauce, chili and lime was pretty much a perfect dish. I was reminded a lot of Eva’s brussels sprouts, not because of the flavor profile, but because it might just be the perfect vegetable dish. When we go back, I’ll be ordering a plate of this for myself.

We had the mole poblano enchilada as our main. My first taste of the dish was to taste the sauce, and I was immediately struck with a strong bitter note. I found that when it was paired with the tortilla and fried pork, however, it was a beautiful and complex combination, and the bitter flavor melded nicely with the other flavors of the sauce. Whether this was intentional or not, I’m not sure. The bitter flavor was something my wife mentioned without my saying anything,

The meal ended with delicious, fresh churros. It sounds as if a full dessert menu will be available starting tomorrow, so we’ll have to check that out on a subsequent visit.

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October 14, 2013 at 9:38pm

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