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Cafe Galleria

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6055 S 900 E
Murray UT 84107


This is a second location, the first being in Midway. Although they’ve only been open a few days, it’s clear that this is a cafe that is about doing a few simple things, centered around a wood-fired oven and the owner’s farm-raised cheese, and doing them very well.

First up for us was a fried egg and bacon bagel sandwich. The star here was the fresh, scratch made bagels. We had our sandwich on an asiago topped one, but they have a full variety of flavors. The texture of the bagel was definitely lighter and more airy than any I’ve had before, though it stood up nicely as a platform for the fillings. If I had a single quibble with the meal it’s that I’d have loved the fried egg on the sandwich with a runny yolk, as it would have provided a bit of sauce for a sandwich that was otherwise a tad dry.

The main event for us was a roasted mushroom pizza. In a world of Pizzeria-712-puce-Himilayan-salt-roasted-corn-and-­kumquat pizza, nobody will mistake these for innovative. Instead, they are simple, traditional, and executed extremely well. Perfect char on the bottom of the crust, good chew, and all the crisp bits that indicate a perfectly cooked pizza in a very hot wood-fired oven. Although we added some roasted sausage to ours and removed the gorgonzola because my wife dislikes it intensely and thus didn’t have their stock version of this menu item, the flavor combinations here were elegant. I appreciated most of all how well handled the rosemary was. That tends to be one of those herbs that can quickly overpower a dish and make all the ingredients taste like they were dragged roughly across the floor of a pine forest. Here, though, the touch was light and provided a nice counterpoint to the earthy mushrooms.

Between our pizza and dessert, we were offered tastes of various cheese from the owner’s farm. My advice: indulge here a bit and enjoy the flavors coming from Duvall Farms. There’s a beautiful cheese tasting to be had just comparing the various kinds of cow or goat milk cheese flavors that can be coaxed from a single farm’s output. My favorite was a harder cows milk Young Tomme. There were eight being offered for purchase by the ounce, and we grabbed a few ounces to go.

They offer cheesecake, ice cream, and gelato for dessert. We opted for some pistachio gelato, which my wife decided was her favorite pistachio that she’d ever had.

I suspect given how close this is to us and that the prices are fair bordering on inexpensive, we’ll be exploring that pizza menu quite a lot in the coming days. It’s nice to have a place nearby that can do a nicely charred crust.

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June 3, 2013 at 8:14am

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