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The Habit Burger Grill

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2121 S. McClelland Suite 101
SLC, UT 84106

It’s a marketing truism that your messaging works best when it hits one note solidly rather than many notes all over the scale. It’s interesting to see a business, then, that has chosen to focus so squarely on flavor and yet managed to hit another more timely one: value.

Granted, it’s easy to say that when your food comes free via a Yelp event. So, full disclosure, I didn’t pay anything for my food last night. That said, I won’t mind paying the prices that The Habit is asking for their food. At $2.95 for a generously sized burger, the cost seems more than fair. More ridiculous in the favor of the customer is a seared tuna sandwich with fish imported from Fiji several times a week for $6.25.

The flavors were great with the chargrilled note at the front of all the protein. My favorite was a BBQ bacon burger which has a substantial amount of bacon on it.

The Habit is an import from Southern California that has been around since 1969. This Sugarhouse location, which opens officially tomorrow, is their first in Utah, with another two currently in the works. With a beautiful appointed interior, solid food, and prices that rival all but the most styrofoam of burger purveyors, it’s hard to imagine how they won’t hit with the Utah audience.

Written by ireviewsomething

January 9, 2013 at 7:39am

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