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Sweet Rose Creamery

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225 26th St, Suite 51
Santa Monica, CA 90402
(310) 260-2663

On my final day in LA, my final taste of ice cream came courtesy Sweet Rose Creamery. I went there specifically to try the sweet corn ice cream, though I was open to anything else that was unique and demanded to be sampled. The lineup was interesting, but no real demands, so my focus was on the corn.

Which turned out to be my first disappointment, as I was informed that they no longer sell the corn ice cream by the scoop. Instead, they reserve it for their newest idea, the ice cream slider. In this case, a scoop of sweet corn ice cream on a small slider bun with a spicy cheese cracker.

Intrigued? I was. The woman helping me could tell that my intrigue was mixed with disappointment over not be able to get a scoop, so she made me a deal: buy the slider and she’d get me a scoop to sample on the side. I jumped.

The slider was a better idea than it was a confection. Between a regular slider bun, the spicy cheese cracker, and the corn-based dessert, it strayed too far into the world of savory to really work for me. Also working against it was a fairly skimpy ice-cream-to-bun ratio: the mouthful of bread that I was getting with each bite muffled any real corn notes that I could get. I experimented as much as was possible with bun/ice cream/cracker combinations, but never was able to get a bite that really worked together as a dish.

And, while the plain scoop that I was offered helped me taste the flavor of the ice cream, at least, the mouth feel put me off a bit. I couldn’t tell if it was caused by a particularly high butter fat content in the base or the use of the corn causing some reaction, but there was an unpleasant, almost waxy coating of fat on my teeth and tongue after eating it. The flavor was mild and inoffensive.

Consider this three-star review more like a two-star with another on loan. I love small-batch ice cream places, and read enough raves of this place that I’ll go back on another day when the other flavors appeal more, because my admittedly unique focus on this visit was not a happy time.

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Written by ireviewsomething

November 7, 2012 at 8:18am

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  1. If you do go back, I recommend the mint chocolate chip – the mint is unbelievably intense and fresh-tasting.

    My kids and I tried this place after seeing it on Unique Eats, and with the exception of the mint and the salted caramel, we were a bit disappointed. The vanilla was okay, but the texture was a bit gritty (our homemade vanilla is much better), and the butternut was cloyingly sweet – it was fine for a bite, but was a bit tiresome after that. The s’mores pie, which looked so good on the show, was available only premade in the freezer. It was awful.


    November 9, 2012 at 6:52pm

    • I’m going to try to make it back at some point, and will definitely try the mint chocolate chip. Thanks for the heads up on the rest of their wares – they were doing brisk business, but I got the impression that, rather than being an established local favorite, they were still kind of figuring things out as they went along. So, it’s not surprising that between our experiences, the product varied in quality greatly.


      November 13, 2012 at 6:13am

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