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Jackson Square
547 St. Ann St
New Orleans, LA 70116

December 28, 2011

Let’s talk about a New Orleans breakfast failure.

We were awake early, so my wife decided she wanted to try Stanley. It wasn’t on my list of must-hit places, but after walking by it and looking over the menu, we’d decided to go during the trip.

We had Restaurant August and Parkway Bakery on the docket for later in the day, so I had concerns about stomach space. I’d planned to do most breakfasts on the trip with a nice cup of oatmeal and save my stomach capacity for the good stuff we had planned for lunches and dinners.

So, we rolled up, got seated, and I decided to order a cup of gumbo. My wife got an egg combination with some pancakes.

The gumbo was the single best cup of it I had all trip. Let me repeat: I had gumbo pretty much anywhere that served it as my own little side-by-side comparison tour of NOLA cuisine. Stanley’s was, hands down, the best. It was full of oysters, shrimp, andouille, and chicken. There was rice. At $5.75 for the rather large cup, it was not only the best, but a steal. My wife reported being very happy with her food, too.

The epic fail comes when you read what I should have been ordering. I should have been eating Beaux Bridge Benedict, with boudin, ham, and poached eggs. I might have chosen Eggs Stanley, basically eggs benedict with the genius addition of fried oysters. Failing those two, I should have ordered the bananas foster french toast.

As it turned out, neither August or Parkway stuffed me. I could have easily fit any of those in and maybe taken an extra lap around Jackson Square. Don’t get me wrong, my bowl of gumbo was outstanding. But now I have bitter, sorry regrets.

Stanley Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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