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Restaurant August

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301 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, LA 70130

December 28, 2011

Ever have one of those meals that, at the end of things, you just leave happy? One where you can’t necessarily remember any one moment or bite that made you so, but that you just come away with a grin on your face?

That was our lunch at Restaurant August.

As we walked in, I noticed that the place was filled with people in suits and crossed my fingers that our daughter would put on her best. I needn’t have been concerned; she was her usual angelic self. I would say, though, that the upscale clientele and service may not make this the first place you’d think of when deciding on a family restaurant.

We ordered the pork pate and curried cauliflower and pork belly and mirliton stuffed shrimp, both from the $20 prix fixe menu. Glancing at the rest of the prices and considering what we got, I guess if there’s a knock on August, it would be that the prices are steep. For $20, though, we had plenty to eat.

An amuse-bouche of truffle-whipped savignon topped with bluefin caviar served in an eggshell came to the table. I think that last sentence pretty well sums up elegance and sophistication of the food available at August. As it turns out, my daughter is a huge fan of truffle-whipped savignon and caviar. I can see many expensive grocery bills in my future.

Both of the entrees were destroyed in minutes in an absolute bloodbath of French-inspired Louisiana cooking. As noted previously, I don’t have any specific memories. I might have blacked out a little it was so good.

For dessert, we chose the Valrhona chocolate chiboust, a pear tart and, because we heard it so lovingly described to the table next to us, the rum cake. The chiboust was a beautifully dense pastry cream with very strong chocolate flavor and the clear favorite of the three. It’s a good sign when the pastry chef calls out the chocolate manufacturer as an indication that they know their stuff. This didn’t taste like one Valrhona’s single source chocolates, but was a highly decent blend.

The tart was fine, if a bit small. The rum cake was disappointing and, given the fanfare that the server provided for it, must have been having a bad hair day. Not that there was a hair in it. No five star for that. But the cake was a bit dry and light on the rum flavor.

Still, total five star review from me.

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