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Greenhouse Effect Coffee

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I’m not a coffee guy, which probably means that I should recuse myself from reviewing Greenhouse Effect Coffee.

What drew me in, though, was reports of their doing serious crepe work. I feel like the city has a lack of great crepes when my most frequent stop for crepes is before seeing a movie at Jordan Commons. I’m always on the lookout for a new crepe stop.

You know there are going to be unique offerings when you pull up to a coffee place that has more outdoor seating on a gigantic porch than it does inside, is heated by an open-to-the-room fireplace that would seem at home in an episode of Little House on the Prairie, and has a small sign under the coffee menu informing the customer that they do not speak Klingon or Starbucks and will expect coffee orders using real English words like “small” and “large.”

The first order of business when ordering a crepe at Greenhouse Effect is figuring out what they offer. Yes, there’s a printed menu hung over the register that explains clearly which savory and sweet crepes are available. Unless I’m mistaken, though, it contains only about half of the crepes actually available. The rest, added to the menu after it was printed, are on hand-drawn signs around the menu, on the wall near the menu, and as far as I know, running down the hallway toward the back of the building.

I am a huge fan of the California crepe, which they are very good natured about adding sauteed mushrooms to for me. The pesto, chicken, and tomato combine into a beautiful mess that I can’t eat fast enough. I generally get them to go and they’re always very quick to get things pulled together for the order and me out the door.

It’s good to have them less than 20 blocks away and conveniently placed between me and downtown. I look forward to exploring the rest of the menu, even if finding all of the addenda to it may lead me halfway down the block, reading sign after sign.

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Written by ireviewsomething

February 7, 2012 at 10:29am

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