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Sundance 2012 – Day Two

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Sundance 2012 – Day Two

That’s What She Said
at SLC Library in Salt Lake
My Score – 69

3:30 pm
The Queen of Versailles
at Rose Wagner Center in Salt Lake
My Score – 86

5:30 pm
West of Memphis
at SLC Library in Salt Lake
My Score – 93

To take a subject that there is already hours of documentary work about and make it feel fresh is an achievement. To make it a beautiful, personal film about the importance of the many standing up for those who are unable is another, even more impressive achievement. As if the films of Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh aren’t enough to respect, the financial and emotional dedication they showed to innocent accused in this case speaks to what amazing people they are. This documentary is heartbreaking, inspiring, and manages to break new ground when it comes to not just reporting a story, but have the filmmakers acting as key players in the story. I am loathe to spend two and a half hours on just about any movie. My usual feeling on a film is that it probably needs 20 minutes cut out of it. This movie couldn’t lost a single frame without doing it great harm and is a very impressive, and truly exhaustive treatment of the subject.

9:30 pm
Red Lights
at Rose Wagner Center in Salt Lake
My Score – 84

This is a disappointing film with a rather enjoyable first half that absolutely slits its own throat thereafter. The Uri Geller v. Amazing Randi story being told up front, had it been followed through on, would have made for a nice, safe, double to left field. Instead, Cortes swings for the fences. I get the impulse because he did the same in his debut feature, Buried, and absolutely lit up the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the success isn’t replicated here. This movie loses its way after the middle and never finds redemption.

The Pact
at Broadway Cinemas VI in Salt Lake
My Score – 87

Movies seen thus far: 7
Today’s Favorite: West of Memphis
Festival Favorite: West of Memphis

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  2. […] West of Memphis Score: 93 […]

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