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Zucca Trattoria

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Zucca Trattoria
1479 East 5600 South
Ogden, UT 84403

July 9, 2011

It’s sad how quickly a bad bit of service can turn a potential five-star evening into a two. I’ve been to Zucca’s probably three or four times before this and had food that ranged from great to pretty much perfect. The pizzas in particular were impressive.

We’d never been for dinner, though, and had seem some pretty amazing-sounding specials on the board, so decided to visit and see what specials were going on. Sadly, they had only two and neither one of them excited us.

We loved our small plates of carbonara, which was creamy, cheesy, and beautiful. The small plate of risotto was even better, with a deep, earthy mushroom flavor that I would love to be able to revisit.

And I would do so were it not for the entree. We ordered the saltimbocca, which arrived looking a bit pallid as far as the chicken went. No worries, I figured, the pasta tasted great, the chicken will as well. And the chicken tasted fine. However, the sauce under it did not: it was scorched beyond all reason. My wife and I both winced at the same time and called the server over. I cannot remember the last time I sent a dish back, and it’s possible that I’ve never done so, but I told her the sauce was burned and she penitently said she’d take care of it.

…and then came back out to inform us that the sauce wasn’t burned, but instead was made with demi-glace, pronouncing the word as it was some exotic ingredient. “It’s a beef flavor, which is probably why you weren’t expecting it with chicken.” No, I said, I’ve had demi-based sauces many, many times and while they may indeed have used demi-glace in the sauce, it was covered up by the completely burned flavor.

At that point, she offered to replate the same portion that had been sitting in the burned sauce. We demured and asked for a check instead.

We also had a portion of the truffle gratin that were pretty uninspired and completely devoid of truffle flavor that I could detect. It was also served with our pasta course, which seems odd given that we had an entree coming out.

It’s a bummer because, despite some moderately high prices, Zucca’s was kind of a go-to choice for us up north and was filling a niche that Ogden and Layton have completely uncovered, but the point at which you’re willing to walk out of the kitchen, tell me that I’m the problem, and insist that a sauce was not, in fact, burned when it was, and then compound the problem by offering to replate the same food rather than replace it, I’m kind of done.

You’ll be missed Zucca’s.

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November 23, 2011 at 11:52am

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