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Dick’s Market – Apple Fritter

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Dick’s Market
350 E Pages Ln
Centerville, UT 84014
(801) 292-1431

August 1, 2011

I love Dick’s Market. They have a clean store, friendly staff, and a great overall feel.

This review, however, is not really for the entire store. It’s for the bakery. And, specifically, the apple fritters.

I mourned when the Dick’s in Layton that is just up the street from me closed like I’d lost a loved one. It was a real loss to the area. For me, though, it ended a frequent and passionate affair I’d been having with their apple fritters.

The rest of the baked goods are highly decent, with the apple spice donut being a standout. But those fritters are the best I’ve had, bar none.

The outsides are fried dark brown, way past golden. The luscious glaze combines a bit with that thick, crisp crust, combining the best clean, sweet taste with a touch of the unctuous.

The inside of the fritter is moist with plenty of apple chunks. The contrast between that thick, crisp outside crust and the moist inside is heavenly.

I now have to drive to Centerville for my fritter fix. I do so on Fridays, when they observe one of the most holy of holidays, Fritter Friday. As if the fried gems weren’t already a steal at $.69, on Fridays they drop down to $.50 each. That means you may as well get two, right?

And, if you’re looking to gild the lily in seventeen pounds of gold, go early, just after the market opens and get one while it is still warm. I swear that, despite having arrived home safe on many such a sinful morning, I blacked out from the pleasure of it all.

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November 23, 2011 at 11:43am

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