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Blockbuster Video

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This is probably old news to some, but the expiration of gift cards at Blockbuster really has me peeved, and the way that Blockbuster has decided to handle it makes it even worse.

I had a $30 gift card that’s been sitting in my wallet for years. I tried to use it the other day, and was informed that because Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 protection earlier in the year, that particular “debt” was cleared off their books. They offered me instead a voucher for five free one-day rentals.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Blockbuster has gone to single-day rentals now? What a terrible, retrograde choice that removes one of the only points of differentiation between then and Redbox.

Anyway, that five-rental card comes out to about $10 worth of credit. When I asked about the rest of my money, they said that they weren’t allowed to do anything more. Fine, thinks I. I’ll take the meager offering and grouse about it online.

A week later, I returned to use the voucher. I picked Red State and Paul (Red State was disappointing, Paul needed the typical Apatow-bunch 30 minutes cut out of it, but was otherwise fun) and went to check out. I was informed that I could only use one of the free rentals per day.

Really Blockbuster? When exactly do you intend to stop taking things from me?

Fortunately, their new owner is Dish Network and I happen to be a subscriber. Guess whose customer service is about to get a call.

Once my free rentals are done, so are you and I, Blockbuster. Hey there, Netflix. You’re looking mighty fine…

Written by ireviewsomething

November 23, 2011 at 11:26am

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  1. I LOVE Netflix. Mostly. What I don’t love is that they changed their pricing twice in the time I’ve been a member–which really isn’t all that long. We had the 1 dvd at a time + unlimited instant-watch movies plan. First, they raised the subscription cost by, I think, $2/month. Fine, whatever… But then they decided to charge for the dvd plan and the instant-watch plan separately at the same rate for each, making it twice what we had previously been paying for the same services. We still love Netflix, though–especially since we don’t have cable–so we just dumped the dvd plan and use Redbox whenever we want to watch something that’s not on Netflix (though Redbox is pretty limited. We haven’t really had a reason to complain yet, though).

    Blockbastard, though… What stupid, stupid decisions they’ve made.

    Elysia H.

    November 23, 2011 at 12:46pm

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