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#sdcc Dear Attack the Block t-shirt lady…

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I did not intend my question about shirt sizes to express any sort of ingratitude.  It was based on several assumptions.

The first is that the shirt was not made of woven gold, kevlar, or any other substance that offers some sort of utility  as something other than as a garment.  The second is that you are not currently in training for a sideshow act where you display an uncanny ability to estimate the shirt sizes of random audience members.

The last was that your purpose in giving me a shirt was that you would like me to wear it on public to publicize your movie. My question was intended to aid this goal and prevent the shirt from joining dozens of other promotional shirts that are at the bottom of my drawer unworn and creating a robust four-quarter awareness of its movie to dust mites and chiffarobe-dwelling fairy folk.

Apologies that the question annoyed you.

P.S., the movie was highly decent.  Worth the wait in line. Thanks!

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July 22, 2011 at 8:53am

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