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A favorite with local Vegas chefs and celebrity foodies both for the extended hours (open ’til 3, and as an aside, I was offered a reservation when I called of 1:30, so apparently they aren’t kidding around about catering to the kitchens and bars as they close) and the clean, simply adorned flavors.

Long-braised pork belly appetizer with a bit of freshly mixed hot mustard. Served in the cooking liquid, and it was heavenly. The fat was barely solid, and melted into a sauce the moment my tongue disturbed it.

Skewers, priced from $2 to $16. Many less expensive are great, including the very simple asparagus skewer with a very understated, slightly sweet sauce. Bacon-wrapped inoki mushrooms are not only filled with umami from the fungus, but also impossibly pretty. Kurobuta pork cheek was sweet, lean, and had a deep pork taste. If forced to choose a dish among the regular favorites, that’s the one.

Oden broth with small bites. Fried fish cake and stuffed leaf of napa cabbage.

Flights of imported sake and biru, but no drinkers in our group. It appeared that they were doing brisk business on both. Very reasonable, $45 nicely fed three of us.

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July 5, 2011 at 8:39am

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