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Yancey’s Fancy Hot Wasabi Horseradish Cheddar

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I’m a fan of wasabi. The chef at my favorite local sushi place, Sushi Express in Sandy long ago figured out that he could skip the gari, but that I needed plenty of wasabi on my plate to make my meal a happy one.

Wandering through Costco the other day, I happened upon one of the many product tasting stations they normally have set up. I’ve long been a fan of the cheese selection at Costco, though the large sizes of the hunks of fromage give me pause when deciding whether to try a new product because I hate the idea of that much food potentially going to waste.

Lucky me, the demo of the day was a number of Yancey’s Fancy cheeses. After a small cube of the Hot Wasabi Horseradish, I knew that the $7 I’d be spending had no chance at all of going to waste.

The cheese is well named. The initial flavor of the cheese is quickly punctuated with sharp horseradish notes. It is surprising the amount of wasabi flavor that is packed into this cheese. It isn’t so much that the underlying flavor of a very mellow but very delicious white cheddar cheese is overwhelmed, but the predominant flavor is wasabi. And that suits me just fine.

The cheese is really nice for eating out of hand. I’ve found after melting it on a few sandwiches that not only does it melt beautifully, but the other ingredients seem to calm the heat of the wasabi down a bit, relegating it to a background note. I cannot wait to grill up some hamburgers to melt this stuff on. The wasabi flavor is going to pair nicely with the beef I have in the freezer.

Written by ireviewsomething

April 26, 2011 at 9:32am

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