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Sundance 2011 – Day Eight

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Sundance 2011 – Day Eight

Prairie Love
at Broadway Centre Cinemas V in Salt Lake
My Score – 39

6:30 pm
Hot Coffee
at Broadway Centre Cinemas VI in Salt Lake
My Score – 69

This kind of advocacy documentary really only works if close care is involved in the construction of the arguments. The opening argument about the famous McDonald’s case is persuasive. In the middle of the film, though, the evidence starts to become muddled and less compelling. By the time the film is appealing to the viewer’s emotions by attempting to demonize binding arbitration by equating it with a KBR case of gang rape and false imprisonment, the force of the logic has waned. The film ends with a feel-good, your-spirits-are-soaring-now song and a plea for the viewer to not fall victim to media manipulation on the subject. I’ll bite: it’s just a coincidence that the filmmaker, an attorney, would hate arbitration which takes money out of the pockets of lawyers, right?

9:00 pm
Another Earth
at Rose Wagner Center in Salt Lake
My Score – 93

Beautiful piece of speculative fiction that plays like a musing on the nature of regret and the need for redemption. I saw the eventual path this movie was going to take very early on, but it was so well executed that I didn’t mind a bit. This has been my favorite film of the festival so far. Those who enjoyed Moon or Hartley’s The Girl From Monday would probably like this one a lot.

The Oregonian
at Broadway Centre Cinemas VI in Salt Lake
My Score – 24

Movies seen thus far: 24
Today’s Favorite: Another World
Festival Favorite: Another World

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January 29, 2011 at 2:38am

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