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San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – Sunday Programming Preview

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San Diego Comic-Con International is next week, July 22-25.

Sunday programming at the convention is traditionally fairly thin. I usually plan four or five panels for the day and, by the second or third, am so sore and tired that I end up walking the show floor instead.

Sunday, July 25
10:00-11:00 Smallville Screening and Q&A— Ballroom 20 – this should be something of a farewell lovefest between the showrunners and the Comic-Con crowd.

10:30-11:30 ABC’s Castle: Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic— Room 6BCF

11:15-12:30 Cartoon Voices II— Room 6A – I love this panel every year. Mark Evanier, animation director and con bedrock, does an amazing job both putting together and moderating what is a hybrid between a panel about voice acting, and a panel demonstrating how it is done. In past years, he’s brought scripts from old radio plays and runs the actors through their paces. I almost hate to highlight this panel since it’s a bit of a hidden gem, but it’s well worth your time to catch this one.

12:30-1:15 American Dad— Ballroom 20 – Somebody please take a moment and count the number of Comic-Con panels Seth MacFarlane appears in during this convention. When does the guy have time to even take a potty break?

1:00-2:00 Unnatural History Episode Screening and Q&A— Room 6BCF

1:30-2:30 Glee— Ballroom 20 – with most of the cast and the creative team in attendance, this panel is sure to be popular. Going early and getting a seat at the panel before is highly recommended.

2:00-3:00 Business of Cartoon Voices— Room 25ABC – although I’ll probably be at Glee, I am tempted to hit this panel instead. Mark Evanier’s last panel of this year’s convention sounds quite a lot like the way he’s about 10 minutes of the Cartoon Voices panel in the past: a how-to guide for those interested in getting into the business. Inevitably this will turn into war stories from the guests, which can’t help but be a little slice of awesome.

2:45-3:45 FX: Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia— Ballroom 20 – having just blasted through the first disc of the Sons of Anarchy’s first season and being a long-standing fan of Sunny, this is going to be a fun one. I hope there’s no violence between the two casts. If there is, smart money is on the wild card.

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