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Old, Repurposed Movie Review: V for Vendetta

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March 13th, 2006
I saw V for Vendetta tonight.

Before going in, I was subjected to four verbal warnings that if my camera had the ability to take a photo, I should take it to the car as it absolutely would not be allowed. Later, I was warned that if my cell phone was observed by security personnel to be turned on once I got inside the theater, it would be confiscated. I was warned that the theater did not control the number of seats distributed for this media screening, and thus could not guarantee that I would get a seat. I was asked to open my coat before entering, swept by two separate security guards with metal detecting wands, a familiar site from the airport. There were final warnings about the fate of anybody seen with that familiar cell phone glow lighting up their faces during the movie.

Only then was I deemed worthy to see a movie about a police state, fascism, and mind control through fear.

Perfect. I knew there would be subversive politics, but not that they’d be so well-aimed at the MPAA.

I highly recommend the movie. Alan Moore should take solace in this, Hollywood’s belated apology for what was done to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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April 24, 2010 at 5:08pm

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